Mediation should be a comfortable experience for all parties, where they feel as if they are being dealt with by a mediator who is neutral, non-judgmental, and who is deeply invested in all parties coming to a conclusion that is a win-win for all concerned.

Sheila’s Mediation Qualifications

Commercial Mediation (CEDR Accredited 2013)

Family Mediation (ADR Group Accredited 2015)

Workplace Mediation (PMR Ltd Accredited 2011)

Corporate Training on Mediation (CEDR Accredited Mediation Trainer 2013)

Sheila has many assisted many individuals in mediation for commerical, workplace and family disputes across the world as well as having trained trained hundreds of individuals in mediation in the UK, Portugal, Africa, Canada and Australia. She has also written & delivered conflict resolution training programmes for young children and teens. She has often been called on to advice on complex mediation issues and is able to assist in a variety of disputes to help all those involved in mediation to gain clarity through particularly difficult issues

Sheila believes that emotional intelligence is an important part of my legal and mediation practices. She has an additional background in coaching assists Sheila in not only knowing how to ask the right questions in difficult circumstances, but to also maintain a non-judgmental attitude, no matter what the issues are in the cases concerned.

She was initially headhunted and sponsored to undertake her CEDR qualifications which acts as a testament to her suitability as a mediator.


I was delighted to learn that the mediation went well and all issues have been resolved. The parties noted how excellent Sheila was throughout.

Anonymous, Senior Official

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