Family Law

Sheila has many years of experience being her in family law. Her advocacy skills in the Courtroom have led to some very successful outcomes for clients in this arena, even in cases where this did not seem possible.

At this time, Sheila takes instructions for the following types of family matters:

– Children’s matters

– Injunctions (including non-molestation and occupation orders)

– Mediation

– Draft pre-nuptial agreements

Family issues can be the most sensitive and upsetting for clients. Sheila is often commended for her down to earth and sensitive approach in this area, coupled with her strong courtroom skills. She has a knack for explaining complicated concepts in an easy way and gives straightforward advice as to what can be achieved for her clients. We will work together to construct a tailored approach to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

She has achieved many successful results for clients including overturning CAFCASS decisions and successfully arguing the validity of prenuptial agreements

Her past client relationships have meant that she had had the good fortune of getting a lot of her current work through referral.


Sheila is very professional and blew my mind in court. She made the opposition Counsel look like an amateur, skillfully asking the right questions at the right time, in a very confident and convincing manner. I became one of the 3.6% of fortunate recipients to have the judge rule out the CAFCASS recommendation.

Anonymous, Instructed through Family Law Cafe

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