Sheila represented the Claimant in her race discrimination and harassment claim against OpenReach. She was one of 2 black women in an all white wider team of 20 people. The comments made upset her so much that she needed to see the case through.  Discrimination cases often come down to who comes across as more believable, and thankfully in this case it was obvious once the evidence started to unravel.

It’s just so wrong to be subject to a situation where you are at dinner with management as a black woman and to be told that black people lacked class.  She was thankfully supported by a colleague at Tribunal who was similarly hurt and offended by the comments.  Despite the discriminator’s denials, the Respondent’s other witness felt “it may have been said I don’t know”. Coupled with a very unsatisfactory investigation process, we managed to get justice for Fignola and uncover what happened. The full liability judgment is available here:


Fignola says:

“Having Sheila as my barrister was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She is  sharp, smart and knows the law and its various intricacies. Working with Sheila showed me how good  legal representation can really make an impact. During what was one of the most difficult times of my life, Sheila’s empathetic approach to law gave me clarity around my options and the legal process. Sheila’s  skills and services as a lawyer gave me the most important thing I wanted from my legal case, justice. For that, I will forever be grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend Sheila to anyone who needs her services as a barrister.”

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