Sheila represented Xavier in his unfair dismissal claim against BNP Paribas, Sheila & Xavier won.

The case was particularly important to Xavier as allegations had been made against him in relation to bullying which were not properly investigated by the bank and unfortunately Xavier was not only dismissed, but reported to the FCA for misconduct which did not allow him to work in the banking sector again.

He came to Sheila having been dissatisfied with his search for a representative until that point. Given the unproven and uninvestigated allegations had cost him his careers due to the bank’s negligence, it was vitally important to him to win at Tribunal so that his career and reputation could be restored.

Thankfully Sheila & Xavier won his case and his reputation was restored. The case was reported in Bloomberg and the HCA Magazine.but the full transcript of Judgment does not appear online.

Xavier said:


“Sheila not only won my case, she saved my life. My professional career was in jeopardy because of the carelessness of my previous employer. She was brilliant during the trial, she proved the unfair dismissal, she gave me back my dignity.”

Published On: March 4th, 2023 / Categories: Articles, Press /