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I have been a specialist in employment law since I was called to the Bar 2002 and am a highly experienced practitioner.

I completed my training at what remains one of the leading chambers in the UK for Employment Law, Littleton Chambers, and have since worked as both a self-employed barrister in chambers and as an in house barrister.

I’ve worked with numerous satisfied Claimants and had a number of high profile wins. including the widely publicised Macken v BNP Paribas, which was a historical victory both in the size of the Tribunal award and also for being the first time in the Employment Tribunal’s history that an equal pay audit has been ordered against an employer.

Although the vast majority of my cases do not feature in the press and of course client confidentiality is paramount, I have nevertheless been involved in a number of other high profile cases, some of which have been featured across every major newspaper, Channel 4 and the BBC. These most recently also include Dehais v BNP Paribas, Mulumba v Partners Group and Ms. A v Lord Ranger & others. I undertook direct access instructions in most of these and went onto win on behalf of the Claimants involved against highly resourced legal teams. I have also recently been featured in “Its Raining Women” (a feature length documentary about Equal Pay and the glass ceiling).

Although I work with a lot of corporate claimants, I have successfully represented employees from all walks of life, and will always deal with your case in a kind, sensitive and robust way.

Alongside my employment law practice, I still take instructions in family law (children) and mediation work, although given that both these forums are outside the public eye these types of work are less publicised.

I regularly assist my clients from the outset of the Tribunals or Courts process, or even prior to it if appropriate. With my skills in mediation, I have often been called on to assist prior to any claims arising as well as dealing with clients who have had ongoing claims and perhaps have not had legal representation to date or who may be looking for an experienced practitioner that can give you a personal service.

I feel very fortunate to have had Sheila acting as my barrister.  She was very impressive in court and provided valuable knowledge, guidance and kind support throughout what can only be described as a very difficult and highly contested legal battle against one of Europe’s largest investment banks, which resulted in one of the highest overall awards ever made by the Employment Tribunal and made history when Sheila secured the first ever tribunal ordered equal pay audit in the U.K.  Sheila is a highly skilled trailblazer and I will be forever grateful to Sheila for her dedication to my case and the equal pay movement.

Stacey Macken, BNP Paribas

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